Kevin Branigan

The last few years I've been working with a super small team to build an avatar creation platform.
At the beginning the process required a 3d scanning booth with 70 cameras and perfect lighting, but now it only requires a mobile phone camera and two photos.
The avatar created from those 2 photos is production ready for our GIF keyboard. We have prototyped it's use in VR and games as well.
It's available for ios and android was available but there were a few bugs, it'll be back.

mobilesyrup wrote a nice review!

D3 Memory Simulation

Kevin Branigan

So as I described in my previous post, I've learned a bunch of Japanese Kanji.

The cool part is that Anki stores all my reviews in sqlite - so I know over the last 2 years when I've learned a Kanji, reviewed a Kanji or forgotten a Kanji. Per millisecond.

I also know D3, so I've made a visual simulation of that data. I like to think of it as a simulation of my memory.

Take a look HERE.

I guess it looks like this but more interactive:

I've also made the tool generic, so if you happen to also have learned Kanji using Anki, there's a db uploader that'll hook your data into my visualizer - let me know if it doesn't work!

Japanese SRS

Kevin Branigan

Using Spaced Repetition Software (Anki) I've managed to learn and retain the 2200 unique Japanese characters in RTK and the ~1400 words required for the level N4 JLPT test. I passed the JLPT N5 last year.

I've learned the worlds countries/flags/capitals now and I'm making my way slowly through paintings. The stats really motivate me, it is definitely an efficient way to learn. I tried with paper flash cards at the beginning - but it would take a lot more dedication to learn that way

These are the kanji I've learned to recognize:

Doesn't look too bad when it's laid out like that huh? Too bad I should learn another 800 or so for family names.